California Chardonnay Wines

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Chardonnay, a direct descendant of Pinot Noir, is a flexible varietal that is able to accurately interpret the subtle variations of the climate in which it grows. With a nod to Chablis, France, our California Chardonnay Wine reveals delicate notes of citrus, green apple, silex stone and acacia. Partial aging in neutral oak helps the wine develop subtle yet sophisticated aromas of blossoms, nuts and honey, polished off with a fresh, mineral-laden finish.

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SKU: 2019 Chardonnay

Deep Meyer lemon blends with fresh basil on the nose. A hint of lemon bar in the aroma gives the slighted suggestion of butter in the crust. On the pallet, a faint sense of vanilla is met with citrus, and mandarin. There's a mildly creamy texture, but the focused central acidity is what carries the wine to the finish. The finish lingers long with a pleasant toast and marmalade effect. 

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